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1. Which of thE following statement about Lego and Lego Ideas is CORRECT?

  • Lego Ideas platform allows fans to support product ideas.
  • Lego Ideas platform was launched in 2013.
  • Lego was established in 1948.
  • Lego was founded in Belgium.

2. How many supporters does it take for Lego experts to officially review a product idea?

  • 5,000 supporters
  • 1,000 supporters
  • 100 supporters
  • 10,000 supporters

3. What categories of feedback can you leave private feedback to the creator on a Lego product idea page? (Select all that apply)

  • Originality
  • Design aspiration
  • Building techniques
  • Details

4. According to, how many supporters does a product idea need to reach before the idea can be reviewed by expert?

  • 100 supporters
  • 10,000 supporters
  • 1,000 supporters
  • 5,000 supporters

5. On which section of the Lego Ideas website can you explore various Lego ideas?

  • Contests
  • Most supported
  • Product ideas
  • Staff picks

6. In what ways do you think Lego Ideas website helps Lego as a company for its product?

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