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History: Dawn of Electronic Computing >> Internet History, Technology, and Security

History: Dawn of Electronic Computing >> Internet History, Technology, and Security

1. What was the Lorenz Machine used to transmit?

  • Personal messages from soldiers to their families and friends
  • Detailed information between Hitler and his Generals
  • Attack plans between the British and Russian generals
  • Intelligence between the American and British forces

2. Who is John Forbes Nash and what is he known for?

  • The creator of the internet
  • An actor in the movie A Beautiful Mind
  • A famous spy during World War II
  • A mathematician and founder of modern day Game Theory

3. What did the Polish Cipher Bureau give to the British?

  • A German Geheimschreiber
  • A Polish dessert called the Bomba
  • Access to the Polish telephone network data transmissions
  • A technique for breaking encoded German Enigma messages

4. Why was the Enigma machine so important to the German strategy during World-War II?

  • Encrypted wireless communication allowed for a very fast and yet coordinated approach to war
  • Because Germany wanted to challenge the British to see who could build the first electronic computer
  • Because Germany’s enemies would be distracted if they believed all the mis-information in the communication
  • Because it was the quickest way to insure that as many people as possible would be exposed to propaganda messages.

5. What is a Modem used for?

  • Use a voice-based phone line to transmit data
  • Decrypt coded German war time transmissions
  • Insure that transmissions to submarines work even when they are deep under water
  • Record encrypted data from wireless transmissions for later decryption.
  • Retransmit lost packets so as to insure the overall reliability of Internet connections

6. What kind of parts were used to make the Colossus electronic computer?

  • Vacuum tubes, relays, switches, and lights
  • Microprocessors and random access memory
  • A gas turbine that drove an air compressor
  • A complex series of gears, pulleys and springs that allowed it to walk forward in a halting motion

7. What are leased lines?

  • Dedicated telephone lines organizations paid telecom companies monthly to have continuous access to
  • Secure lines used to connect British cryptographers to British military command
  • The modern lines we connect to the internet through

8. About how many vacuum valves/tubes were there in the Colossus?

  • 150
  • 2500
  • 10000
  • 12

9. On the Colossus computer what was used to store and repeatedly read the encrypted message text?

  • A solid-state flash drive (i.e. a USB stick)
  • A paper tape that was read using light sensitive tubes
  • A spinning magnetic disk drive that was read like a tape
  • Strips of film

10. What made Bletchley park successful?

  • The information provided by the Polish Cipher Bureau
  • Their huge team dedicated to the purpose of decryption
  • The unlimited budget available to them
  • All of the above

11. Who did the Enigma machine belong to?

  • The Norwegians
  • The Polish
  • The British
  • The Germans

12. Who created the functional design of the Bombe mechanical computer use to crack Enigma codes at Bletchley Park?

  • Max Newman and William (Bill) Tutte
  • Alistair Dennison and Tommy Flowers
  • Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman

13. Where is Bletchley Park located?

  • New Mexico, United States
  • Buckinghamshire, England
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Glasgow, Scotland

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