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Lesson #18 Quiz >> Financial Markets

Lesson #18 Quiz >> Financial Markets

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1. What does the term “democratization of finance” mean?

  • It should benefit the oldest people; not the young.
  • It should benefit the youngest people; not the old.
  • It should benefit real people; everyone, not just the rich.
  • It should benefit rich people; not the poor.

2. What is ‘odious’ debt?

  • standard debt raised by corporations, to create new products.
  • illegitimate debt raised by corporations
  • Illegitimate debt raised by government, used for ill purposes against the will of the people.
  • standard debt raised by government

3. Malthus contended that:

  • Poverty causes resource depletion rather than the reverse.
  • By providing additional workers human population growth enhanced economic development.
  • All of the above.
  • Human population can grow faster than humans can produce commensurate amounts of food.

4. Malthus contented that population, when unchecked, increased in a ______ ratio; and subsistence for man in an _______ ratio.

  • linear; geometrical
  • arithmetical; geometrical
  • arithmetical; linear
  • geometrical; arithmetical

5. What are some reasons that inequality exists? (check all that apply)

  • failure to democratize finance.
  • Political power
  • Unmanaged risks

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