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Taking Charge of Excel: Test your skills, Part 2

Taking Charge of Excel: Test your skills >> Excel Skills For Business: Essential

1. How many rows in an Excel spreadsheet (version 2007 and later)?Infinite (no limit)

  • 50,000
  • 16,348
  • More than 1 million

2. In a blank Excel workbook, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Which of the following is NOT available?

  • Table
  • Pictures
  • Rows
  • Shapes

3. In cell A1 type in the heading Date then press Enter. In cell A2 type in the following: 20-Jan-20. Use the fill handle to drag the date you have just typed down to row 20. What is the date in A15? Enter as shown or use Year-Month-Day format if you are not using an English version of Excel (for example 2020-01-20).2020-01-28


4. In cells B1 to B3 enter the following:

Select cells B2 and B3 then use the fill handle to drag down to row 20. What is the value in B15?18.72


5.Close your workbook without saving and open the attached workbook. What value is in cell Q83 on the Orders sheet?W01-Assessment.xlsx13


6. How many worksheets are there in this workbook?3


7. Go to the Sales 2016 worksheet. Which cell contains the heading Qtr2?C3


8. Still in Sales 2016, select the range B8:E10. Look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen. You should see Sum followed by a number. What is the number?(Hint: the range B8:E10 means to select all of the cells between B8 and E10. We go into this in more detail next week. Please use the number format #####.##)62272.98


9. Select the two non-contiguous ranges (not next to each other) B4:B7 and D14:D17. What is the Average showing on your status bar for the two ranges?(Please use the number format ####.##)5549.49


10.Change the value in C13 to be 4675.24. What is the new value in C18?(Please use the number format #####.##)62277.02


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