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Foundations for Big Data

Foundations for Big Data >> Introduction to Big Data

1. Which of the following is the best description of why it is important to learn about the foundations for big data?

  • Foundations is all that is required to show a mastery of big data concepts.
  • Foundations help you revisit calculus concepts required in the understanding of big data.
  • Foundations stand the test of time.
  • Foundations allow for the understanding of practical concepts in Hadoop.

2. What is the benefit of a commodity cluster?  

  • Much faster than a traditional super computer.  
  • Prevents individual component failures.  
  • Prevents network connection failure.  
  • Cost Effective  

3.What is a way to enable fault tolerance?

  • Data-Parallel Job Restart
  • Distributed Computing
  • System Wide Restart
  • Better LAN Connection

4. What are the specific benefit(s) to a distributed file system?

  • Large Storage
  • High Concurrency
  • Data Scalability
  • High Fault Tolerance

5. Which of the following are general requirements for a programming language in order to support big data models?

  • Optimization of Specific Data Types
  • Utilize Map Reduction Methods
  • Support Big Data Operations
  • Enable Adding of More Racks
  • Handle Fault Tolerance

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