Networking >> Technical Support Fundamentals

Networking >> Technical Support Fundamentals

Which of the following devices are used in networking? Check all that apply.

  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • TCP

Which one of these are a valid IPv4 address? Check all that apply.

  • 345.0.24.6

Which network protocol is used to handle the reliable delivery of information?

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • IP
  • ICMP

What is known as networking in the IT field? Check all that apply.

  • Designing networks
  • Managing networks
  • Building networks
  • Joining professional networks

Through which of the devices listed are we able to connect to wireless networks? Check all that apply.

  • Radio
  • Smart TV
  • Antenna
  • Telephone

What type of address do computers use to find something on a network?

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • ISP address
  • URL address

You’re browsing the Web, and type in in the address line. Instead of the website, an error screen appears. You type in, and the Coursera website comes up. What’s the most likely reason for this?

  • Address line is for the IP address only, not the domain name.
  • There’s a problem with your Internet connection.
  • Web addresses must be entered in lowercase.
  • There’s a problem in your network’s DNS configuration.

What was the biggest problem with the earliest version of the Internet in the late 1960s?

  • Networks couldn’t talk to each other.
  • The TCP/IP protocol could only be used in universities, governments, and businesses.
  • There was no way to remotely access any computer.
  • Computers were too big and bulky for accessing the Internet.

You need to update your router settings, so you log into the administration panel, whose Internet Protocol (IP) address is Which IP version is this?

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • IPv1
  • IPv2

What are some examples of IoT (Internet of Things)? Check all that apply.

  • An online car dealership that can provide complete car history using the vehicle identification number
  • Refrigerators that keep track of the food and notify you when to buy more
  • Teachers who post assignments for their students on the school website
  • Thermostats that turn off the air conditioning when you leave the room

What do we call data that’s broken down into bits and sent through a network?

  • Memory
  • Binary
  • Pages
  • Packets

What are some of the ways we can resolve IPv4 address shortages? Check all that apply.

  • Border Gateway Protocol
  • Network Address Translation
  • Using IPv6 addresses
  • Autonomous Systems

Which statement is true about the Internet and the World Wide Web?The Internet is the World Wide Web.

  • The World Wide Web is a way to access the Internet.
  • The Internet is a way to access the World Wide Web.
  • The World Wide Web is the only way to access the Internet.

Which one of these can connect directly to the Internet?

  • Servers
  • Packets
  • Internet users
  • Clients

Which problem does IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) help to solve?

  • There are less than 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses, which has already been exceeded with existing websites.
  • Companies waste hundreds of public IP addresses. With IPv6, they can use just one IP address.
  • IPv5 is an outdated protocol version with insufficient security safeguards.
  • Internet Protocol versions prior to version 6 haven’t achieved widespread use.

What are some examples of the impact of the Internet boom? Check all that apply.

  • We can sell used items to people outside of our local regions.
  • We can travel around the world faster than we did 100 years ago.
  • We can attend a university from our homes.
  • We have instant 24-hour access to news and entertainment.

Which statement is true about computer security?Computer security is only necessary for governments and big businesses.

  • Computer security is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Computer security is the job of specialized security engineers.
  • Computer security does not affect the gaming industry.

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