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1. What is descriptive analytics?

  • Links the market to the firm through information
  • All answers are correct
  • Systematic collection and interpretation of data
  • Information needed for actionable decisions

2.When is exploratory analysis best utilized?

  • When the managerial problem is descriptive in nature
  • When the managerial problem is ambiguous
  • When the managerial problem is causal in nature

3.What is one problem with Marketing Research Online Communities?

  • It does not enhance enagagement with customers
  • Return on Investment is quite uncertain
  • Shorter deadlines are not possible

4. When are mobile surveys best?

  • For context-specific, at the moment surveys
  • For generic context-free surveys
  • For retrospective feedback

5. Why do people pay so much for Point of Sales (POS) data?

  • Timeliness of marketing activity
  • Accuracy of sales information
  • Completeness of the data
  • All answers are correct

6. What are some caveats with POS data?

  • Cannot make causal claims
  • Don’t know customers purchases
  • Don’t have information on brand-level promotions

7. What is sentiment analysis?

  • It is frequently used in social media data to quantify the valence of information
  • It quantifies the amount of promotional activity in POS data
  • It finds errors in any customer-level data

8. What is required for making the following causal statement: X causes Y?

  • All answers are correct
  • No third factor affecting both X and Y
  • Correlation between X and Y
  • Temporal antecedence of X

9. What is an example of active data collection?

  • Internet surfing data
  • TV viewing data
  • Surveys
  • Mobile data

10. In Net Promotor Score surveys, how much do “promoters” score on a scale of 0-10.

  • 0-6
  • 9,10
  • 7,8

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