Year 8 – The Stuarts and the Civil War

Year 8 – The Stuarts and the Civil War

A Christian who continued to follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope was known as?


A Christian who followed the teaching of Martin Luther and his followers after the Reformation was known as?


An MP who was a Puritan and led the New Model Army during the Civil War was?

Oliver Cromwell

The leader of the Gunpowder plotters was?

Robert Catesby

The name when England was a Republic under Oliver Cromwell’s rule and had no monarch?


The name for ‘Bad Air’ that people in the past believed caused the Plague?


England was ruled without a monarch from 1649. This meant it was known as what?


Who did Parliament invite to takeover from James II?

William and Mary

What is the name given to someone who kills a Monarch? (There were 13 executed for their role in executing Charles 1st.)


In which month and year does Charles 1st declare war on Parliament?

August 1642

What occurred on the 2nd September 1666, that left 100,000 homeless?

Great fire of London

What name is given to the overthrow of Catholic King James?

The Glorious Revolution

When was the attempt, known as the Gunpowder plot made on James 1st life?


What was Oliver Cromwell’s title between 1649-1660?

Lord Protector of the Commonwealth

What was a belief that God had chosen a person to be King, therefore supporting a belief that a King should not be questioned?

Divine right of Kings

When was Charles 1st executed?

30th January 1649

The Royalist followers of Charles 1st were also known as what during the English Civil War?


What were strict Christians, who believed in simple lives, dressing plainly and tended to dislike sports called?


When was the King James version of the bible printed?


Who had Guido Fawkes fought for in the wars against the Protestant Dutch?


In what year was James 1st of England crowned after the death of Elizabeth 1st?


The Great fire of London left how many people homeless?


William of Orange came from which country?


Who does Charles 1st have to recall in 1640 as he doesn’t have the money to fight Scotland?


What is the Latin to English translation of ‘Interregnum’?

Between Kings

For which area was Oliver Cromwell an MP?


Which battle of the English Civil war took place in June 1645?

Battle of Naseby

Which English Civil War battle occurred in July 1644?

Battle of Marston Moor

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